London Trip

Students from Year 7-9, Haupt- and Realschule, went on a trip to London on May 13th till May 17th (returning on 18th). We visited a lot of places that are very well known in London. The kids stayed at a host family and went to school everyday from 9:30 till 1pm. At school we would learn a lot about london and we would also make presentations about specific people and their history or job. At school we also practiced to speak out words and speak with a fluent accent.
We were not alone in the school, there were other tourists from different countries going to the same school as us
On the first day, when we arrived, we first went to see the school and took our tests to see which class we would get in. We also had to find out how to go to school, either with bus or walk, depending on where you lived. Some people lived further away and some people lived close. Later that day we got picked up by our host families and went home with them.
The next day, we went to see the Tower bridge after school. We went inside the bridge ontop and got to see the view from afar and ontop of the cars driving on the bridge. Everyone had quite a fun time. After seeing and going inside the bridge ontop to see the view. When you finish touring the bridge, you get to go to a souvenir that is right under it. After we bought some stuff, we got to have a 30 minute free time. Everyone went to get something to eat and drink. We all had a good time.
Then we went back to our host families.
On day three, after school, we went to eat lunch together. Once we all finished our food, we went to the station and were on our way to Buckingham Palace. The place was huge, beautiful and very clean. We saw statues from Queen Elizabeth at the gates from another building and then we saw 2 police officers on their own horse leading infront of a group of royal guards on horses too.After that we walked a bit around to get to the tour bus. When we got on, we got to see so much, we saw Big Ben, London Eye, the school/college where the harry potter actor went to, the church where the princess got married, the building where J.K. Rowling worked for her books, we drove onto the Tower bridge with the bus and etc…The ride was really long and fun.
Then after that long day we arrived back to our host families.
On day four, we go to school and then we go out to the British Museum. The Museum is so huge and so beautifully created. There is a lot of interesting and entertaining stuff in the museum, a lot of different items from different countries/continents. After looking around in the musem we could go out for 2-2.5 hours wherever we wanted in the area. Everyone had a good time and after that we went home together back to our families.
The Last day (the day we go back to Germany). Everyone had to pack their bags the evening before and say our goodbyes and thank the host family.
Then we go to school and get our tests back from day one, where we had to test our english to see what class we go in to. After that we got picked up by a bus back to the airport.
The kids seemed to have enjoyed this trip a lot, we received and bought a lot of stuff and brought a lot of memories from tne trip. We hope the next year that goes to London, will have a lot of fun too, like we did. Maybe even more ☺

Priyasha Schäfer 24.06.2024 WLS